Continental Bulldog

ALL PUPPIES HAVE THEIR NEW OWNERS. WE WISHE THEM ALL THE BEST. For more information please click here. Visit us on FB: 

Black Rose - Continental Bulldog - CHS Conti Star 


Continental bulldog is a new breed from Switzerland. Its founder is Imelda Angehrn. And why should you be interested in this breed? The Continental bulldog is easier to train, active and at the same time an excellent family companion. This breed is very friendly and it is also a brilliant companion for children.



  • All our puppies have found the amazing new owners. I am in touch with all the owners. It is so nice to see how happy they all are. Please visit our gallery where you can find some photos of our "little big" puppies.


  • For recapitulation: Rosinka gave a birth to 8 wonderful puppies - 4 girls, 4 boys
  • Amanda Conti Star - they call her Mendy
  • April Conti Star - they call her Agatha
  • Aurora Conti Star - She lives in Switzerland. Her owner is Doris Wirz, who is also owner of Avalon. Aurora lives with her papa.
  • Anitta Conti Star
  • Avalon Junior Conti Star
  • Aaron Conti Star
  • Agassi Conti Star
  • Albi Conti Star - they call him Tywin


Current puppies

  • Rose hat puppies. 4 girls und 4 boys. 

  • For more photos of the puppies please visit the gallery and follow the news please.



  • We are very pleased that we can inform you that Rose is expecting puppies. Puppies should be born about 10. 05. 2015.We are accepting reservations. In case you are interested, please contact us.

Planned litters

  • We are going to have puppies in spring 2015
  • We have chosen Continentalspirit Avalon as a prince for our princess Black Rose . He is really beautiful black dog. His owner je Doris Wirz.
  • Avalon´s father is Mecklen-Bulls Balin and Avalon´s mother is Pickwick White Gloves
  • You can find more information about this wonderful dog here:


Puppies - 6 weeks


Puppies - 4,5 weeks

They are so cute:)
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